Partload Pallets < 3000kg
If you have a larger shipment but still don’t want to charter a full truck. Normally the goods will be collected and deliverer with the same truck and very seldom touches any depots, keeping the cost down. Tail lift delivery it can be arranged but with additional fee as the goods has to go via a depot reloaded to a tail lift truck.

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Full Truck Loads (FTL)
A full load is when you want to charter a full truck depending of the volume/weight of your goods or for the express solution when you are in behind of production. We provide an FTL network covering all Europe. With combined transports by road, rail and short sea we can offer the best service meeting your specific requirements.
We have both Mega trailers (3,0 meters inside height, 100m3, 25200kg payload) and normal taultliners ( 2,75m inside height, 90 m3, 25200kg) in our fleet. Together with our European network we have more than 1500 trailers in our fleet.

Pallet Delivery



Why Choose Us – Road Freight

Using a combination of our own fleet and subcontractors fleet, we have established a road freight network within Sweden & stretching down to Europe
We know the importance of “just in time” deliveries, in order to keep the production going. Therefore we always to provide our clients with information on when/where the pickup/delivery will take place
All of our clients is being dedicated a personal contact, with direct phone and e-mail. This way our clients never have to wait or being re-directed in a customer service desk queue
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'Assuring a speedy and reliable delivery from point A to B'

-Christian Bergholtz, Road Freight Traffic Manager ITS

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